Raw Bones for Chewing

Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies and dogs. This is one of the ways they explore their world, work their jaws, clean their teeth, and curb boredom.  In the wild this would come naturally, picking through the wide variety of bones and tendons in their prey.

Primal marrow bones are a fun chew because the dogs enjoy the marrow in the center.  They chew and work their jaws trying to get the marrow out. The marrow also provides health benefits such as collagen, conjugated linoleic acid, glycine, and glucosamine.  These compounds decrease inflammation while improving skin health and joint function. 

Hard bones such as this provide the scaling action necessary to remove tartar, which is when plaque has hardened on your teeth. It is the yellow discoloration seen on teeth and only scaling, not brushing, removes this.

These are considered a recreational bone and the bone itself should not be consumed.  However, once the marrow is cleaned out refill with canned food, pumpkin, unsweetened yogurt, etc. and freeze!

Freeze Dried Turkey Necks

Vital Essentials freeze dried turkey necks are another great option. Turkey necks can be fully consumed by your dog and provide great benefits for joint health because they are high in glucosamine and chondroitin. This type of chew can help get plaque off teeth, which is a film of bacteria, but they are not effective on tartar. 

Dental Chews

If bones and other animal parts aren't your cup of tea, another option is dental chews.  While they usually don't provide much nutritional benefit they do help get plaque off your dogs' teeth and are fully consumable.  Whimzees come in fun shapes and have been a hit with customers at Treats On A Leash! 

It is important to supervise your dog when they chew, especially if this is their first time receiving a certain chew. It is also important to know what kind of chewer your dog is, so you don't provide them with the wrong type of chew.  This can result in broken teeth or choking. 

We are happy to guide you to the proper chew for your pup and discuss the benefits of different chews. Chewing is a very important behavior for your dog, so stop in and let us help you find the perfect chew that your pup will love!