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In September 2014 our basset, Belle, was struggling with kidney issues. It was sudden. One day she was home, the next she was hospitalized. We assumed she would be home again soon. That was not to be. She suffered a stroke and we had to let her go. Belle was just 10 years old. Our remaining basset, Willow, grieved with us. We would cry. Willow would stare at the door. It was the last place she had seen Belle. When we brought Belle's remains home Willow smelled her collar and cried. It was heartbreaking.

Belle’s passing left a huge hole in our lives. That hole needed to be filled. As a result, we decided to open our business. At first, it was a way to mend our broken hearts. We wanted to do something joyful. We wanted to do something that mattered. We were short-sighted. Belle had a much bigger picture in mind.

Our business was not just about us. It was not just about healing. It was about helping others. We learned we could have done so much better when it came to our pets’ nutrition. We didn't know the importance of reading a dog food label. We didn't understand the need for hydration. There were so many things we just didn't know.

For this reason we are passionate about helping you. By turning our grief into education about pet nutrition, we are doing just what Belle intended all along. Because when you know better you can do better.

- Michael, Barb & Willow

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